Berlin City Primary School

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

New international primary school in Ulaanbaatar

Duration: 2012-2013
Client: MTM City Engineering LC.
Size: Site 10,500 sqm, GFA building 10,670 sqm, Outdoor facilities 5,930 sqm
Completion: 2016

Berlin City Primary School Ulaanbaatar is designed to provide a safe, bright and inspiring learning environment for 600 grade 1 – 6 pupils and teachers. The building’s compact planning employs environmentally sustainable practices that maximise spatial and service efficiency, whilst ensuring the highest quality interior conditions to promote physical, emotional and social well-being amongst its users.

Characterized by a vast glazed façade, a fully equipped indoor gymnasium overlooks an extensive western play yard and defines the building entrance.

A compact outdoor sport field, complete with long jump and running track designed to support a comprehensive physical education programme, is also located further to the west of the site.

A total of 24 south-facing classrooms experience the benefits of year-round natural light and passive ventilation, elements proven to positively influence the concentration and performance of students. Grades are grouped and separated into allocated specific teaching areas accompanied by specialist education rooms, shared working areas and after-school care facilities. Flexible, openplan spaces can be re-arranged according to specific pedagogical needs.

All classrooms have direct access to one of two twin courtyards, allowing formal learning environments to extend outside during the summer months, whilst relieving foot traffic between classroom and break areas during student recess. As a secure and sheltered outdoor area these courtyards can be easily observed, providing protected open play areas ideal for younger age groups and points of orientation from within the building. In addition, a garden on the eastern roof doubles as an outdoor classroom, intended to engage students with the natural environment.

Twin room dormitory accommodation is also located on the upper floors with provisions for 54 students, supervisory staff members and communal living. Each bedroom is designed to maximise natural light through either northern or southern facing windows, and is inter-connected via a skylight lit corridor.