Busan Opera House

Republic of Korea

New opera and theatre house in Busan, Republic of Korea
International Competition 2011
Size GFA: 54.000 sqm

Busan has a specific geography: mountainous areas connect directly to the Pacific Ocean. The city has a great natural setting, a high density of population and an urgent demand for public spaces for the inhabitants.

The two new public spaces in the concept could provide important new assets for the city of Busan:

• One facing west to the mountain and city side reserved for public performances

• One looking east to the ocean side to celebrate New Years Sunrise Festival

In general the reference to the history of Madang, a traditional open urban space used for gathering, happenings and performances, is the basis for this design.

The two main functions of the Opera House (opera and theatre) connect to these two plazas.

A thin skin, a protection from the sun and rain water, connects the two buildings, leaving in between a pathway open to the public.

This maintains Busan’s natural spatial flow from the mountain to the ocean, creating harmony between urban space and architecture.

The new landmark of Busan’s Opera House reflects the natural and urban energies, and connects the performing arts spaces of “Madangnoli” at the Mountain Plaza, and the Sunrise Plaza, an urban harmony with a folk performance played by ordinary people.

Its specific atmosphere changes according to the daylight or the night.

The construction of the building is like a wave of sounds, an environmental friendly building reflecting Korea’s path to local sustainability.