Dongming Mountain

Hangzhou, P.R. China

Developing of an touristic concept for the Dongming Mountain north of Hangzhou, P.R. China

Project area: 785 hec.
Client: Hangzhou Dongming Mountain Garden GmbH
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH Hangzhou, Prof. Wang Xiaosong

The target of our analysis and design is toward a sustainable development, together with comprehensive rejouvination of destroyed areas. The Dongming mountain should be accessable to the general public and brings them closer to their natural heritage.

The Dongming mountain are the Dionysian counterpart to the Apollonian Liangzhu culture. On the other hand the ritual Bi-disk from the former Liangzhu culture connects the history of Liangzhu culture with the history of Dongming mountain. This jade disk with its‘ central hole was a symbol of wealth and military power during this period.

There are many definitions and practices for sustainability. Our approach toward it is one that aims for consistency. Sustainability or Durée in English and French touches more closely upon the concept of consistant connections between space and time. Sustainability is a continued duration of natural coherences that include many factors, in particular the aim toward the protection of ecosphere, in partnership with strong economical development and the fair divison of opportunities.

The design aim is to develop a concept integrated with nature. Ecology and economic factors should be united. Tourism, traffic, culture, sciences, aesthetics and design should be combined.