Government District

Minyang, P.R. China

New goverment and administration district for city of Minyang, P.R. China

International competition, 2009
Site: 156.000 sqm, GFA 320.250 qm
Client: Sichuan Mianyang City Construction Bureau
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH, Hangzhou

The site of the new administration and governmet district is situated north-west from the centre of Mianyang. The location is characterised by the second green belt of our strategy concept „Rose of Mianyang“.

The concept reflects the special topographical situation of the place through the position of the new main government building on top of the mountain, the axial landscape situation in strong North-South orientation, metamorhosis of the existing contour lines to new administration buildings, and also the inclusion of a water fountain on top of the library simbolising the transfer of knowledge into the city of Mianyang.

The historical park (West Park) will be extended. The new landscape park is structrured and designed through two axes. The first axis establishes a dramatic perspective along the North-South orientation and leads to the new main government building. The second existing axis runs from the existing buildings (police and court) to the intersection of both main roads in Mianyang. The point of the axes intersection is highlighted by a fountain on the site.

The shape of buildings follows the existing contour lines. The building along the hillside are a modest four storeys in height, with a natural stone basement that leans against the landscape. Two main gates have been positioned on the axes. The first gate markes the entrance to the new government district and secures the site. The second gate markes the entrance to the courtyard of the new main government building.

Developing of ecological and sustainable urban design and architecture is integral to the proposed concept.

The landscape concept is comprised of eight gardens of different forms, Da Yu Park, Justice Peak, Mountain Terraces, Sun Plaza, Roof Top Gardens, Rose Gardens, Knowledge Bassin, Peoples’ Park.