Green Residence - Yu Hang

Hangzhou, P.R. China

New residencial district in the east of Hangzhou, P.R. China

Site: 85.700 sqm, GFA: 189.500 sqm
Client: Hangzhou Jiahe Real Estate GmbH
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH, Hangzhou
Photos: Yan Binfeng

DAM Award 2019 (Deutsches Architekturmuseum) – Nomination

The site is located in the east of the city of Hangzhou. The eastern part of the site is divided by a 15 m wide water canal.

The concept takes up this specific landscape feature. Flat residential buildings, townhouses and a kindergarten will be placed along this small river. Residential high-rise buildings in combination with commercial ground-floor buildings will be set up along the main streets in North and West.

As a result, a variety of urban spaces will be generated, increasing urban density along the streets dispersing toward the water canal as the structure opens up to the landscape.

The theme of water is considered also in the landscape design of the new residential district. Spacious rectangular water basins are the main features for the semi-public exterior spaces. These will be interwoven through various squares and green spaces.

The multi-storey residential buildings are designed with different size units, from 85 m2 to 170 m2. The façade design of circular stepped bands on the north and south façades create balconies and terraces. The variance of these elements assists in the natural ventilation of the building whilst informing the typology of the structure.