MFA Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

New Foreign Ministry of Vietnam in Hanoi

International Competition 2008
Building GFA ca. 120.000 sqm, Site 71.438 qm
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vietnam
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten

Set in unique park-like scenery, the complex of the New Foreign Ministry of Vietnam alludes to the culture and traditions of the city of Hanoi and incorporates them in the design.

A multifunctional urban space serves public ceremonies, events and the official approach, with a direct entrance to the secured area. An additional staff entrance separates the building into security zones.

The office spaces for 2.500 workers enclose two interlocking atria that contain the meeting rooms, reception areas, restaurants and lunchrooms. These atria protect the building’s interior from the consistently hot climate.

The energy, air conditioning and lighting concept is designed as a single integrated Low Energy Concept, which aims to realise and maintain a sustainable ecological complex during its entire lifecycle.