Shenzhen, China

Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition in Shenzhen, China

International Competition 2007
Site 29.688 qm, GFA 89.271 qm
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten

The Museum of Contemporary Art and Architecture represents the last component of the cultural building ensemble at the centre of Shenzhen.

Pieces of contemporary art, sculptures and design objects are shown on 38.500 square meters, and the history and presence of architecture and town planning are displayed over 19.600 square meters. The foyer, multi-functional rooms, auditorium, conference hall, restaurants, bookshop and administration areas are placed together in 22.000 square meters.

The large-scale sculpture that comprises the project is generated out of eight one-upon-the-other offset elliptical discs. The layering forms exhibition areas and functions that allow a flexible combination of the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions floor by floor. Spatial voids and access stair connections provide good visual orientation in the interior.

The twisting of the layers produces not only floor terraces for open-air exhibitions and restaurants, but also projections whose illuminated undersides light the forecourt aesthetically at night.