Rose of Mianyang

Mianyang, China

Masterplan for the sustainable development of Mianyang City, China

International Competition 1st Price 2006, Completion 2025
Size: 1.800 ha
Client: Sichuan Mianyang City
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH Hangzhou, Prof. Wang Xiaosong

Mianyang is located in the northwest of Sichuan province. To this day, a variety of historical buildings and parks are witness to 1800 years of cultural heritage.

Set into mountain scenery, the city is characterised by three merging rivers. Mianyang is known as a research and high technology city. Due to its high quality of life and work, Mianyang is expecting a growth of 600.000 to 1,2 million inhabitants by the year 2025.

The strategic concept is a prototype that provides organisation and a structure, and expresses the goal of sustainable urban development.

Like the petals of a flower, the city is formed by green belts of ring roads and generous park strips. Connected by boulevards and roads along the rivers, an efficient and non-motorized road and path network is established.

The quality of the Old Town of Mianyang is consolidated, new quarters with different urban uses and qualities are added with their own character and well-defined borders.

Public spheres and differentiated city and street spaces give rhythm to the overall image of a growthing modern city with its own individual identity. A rail-type transit system, which defines new relationships between transport, environment and energy, and returns the street with its public spaces to the inhabitants of the city, passes through interrelated green spaces with a high urban quality.