Salon West

Mianyang, China

New Urban District Centre in Mianyang, China

Town Planning Competition 1st Prize 2007, Completion Urban Design 2008
Size: 306 ha
Client: Sichuan Mianyang City
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH, Hangzhou

The source of this concept is part of the master plan „The Rose of Mianyang – Sustainable City“.The planning area is bound on the west and on the east by the fourth and fifth “green belt” of the “Rose”. The northern and southern sides are formed by two rivers. Changhong Avenue, the main east west arterial of the city of Mianyang, which connects the highway with the city centre,runs through the planning area.

The analysis of existing structures unfolds a delicate network of streets, urban structures and buildings, which reveal the history of the area and the traces of former uses. The aim of the concept is to retain and to continue these specific characteristics whilst superimposing a dense urban fabric.

The strategic concept generates different density models and urban ambiances, as well as landmarks and open spaces, within a flexible and neighbourhood-forming structure. The development sequence has been considered, so that investors can begin to develop the individual plots of land. Eight parameters form the basis of the town planning development :

1. Green areas of the fourth and fifth “green belt” around the city

2. Rivers in the north and the south

3. Urban aeration via north-south passages in the prevailing wind direction

4. Densification of the building masses along the main business road

5. Preservation of building volumes as witnesses of the history of earlier town developments

6. Creation of places of different urban qualities, atmospheres, activities and densities (public spaces, markets, schools, education and leisure centres etc.), with the potential for cultural identity

7. Connection of these individual places to a mutually stimulating network of activities

8. Aspiration to achieve a harmonious urban atmosphere