Textile City

Keqiao/Shaoxing, China

Business district with textile markets and office areas in Keqiao/Shaoxing, China

Report 2007
Size: 600 ha
Client: Administration Department, City of Keqiao, P.R. of China
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten
Project partner: Hangzhou Ruge Construction Planning and Design Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing, lying in the south of the Bay of Hangzhou with its 710.000 inhabitants, belongs to the development area of Keqiao, which is located in the north of Zhejiang province.

The region is not only known for its natural features, such as the countless rivers, lakes and mountain panoramas, but also for its persistent and rapid economic development.

By specialising in textiles, the city has become one of the leading marketplaces in China, and is one of the largest commercial centres of the region. The project area has a size of about six square kilometres, and is the main component of Shaoxing’s town development planning in the northerly direction.

The concept has its origins in the special landscape features of the area, in the traffic circulation situation, in the special forms of the individual mountains to the north and the mountain range to the south, in the delicate network of canals, and in the space-consuming central traffic interchange between the north and the south axes and the city highway.

Thanks to its textiles, the city is prospering. The textiles’ sensuousness, fibres and colours, and the local ways of weaving have been the inspiration for the concept.

Although it is relatively unknown in Europe, the doctrine of Feng Shui is respectfully integrated by the Chinese into all design and building phases, beginning with first thoughts and strategic concepts.

In this way, the project aims to transfer nature‘s positive energy, with all its mountain ranges and streams, into the city‘s public squares, boulevards and parks, and to weave it perceptibly together with the future “Textile City”.