Xinitiandi Lofts

Hangzhou, China

New residental district with loft and apartment buildings in Hangzhou, P.R. China

International competition, 2010
Site: 67.350 sqm, GFA: 197.350 sqm
Client: Hangzhou New Land Group Co., Ltd
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH Hangzhou, Prof. Wang Xiaosong

The main target of our design is to develop positive energy between both green spaces with the small river in the North and the public park in the South to set up efficient ventilation for the entire new residental district.

The connection between the rational European thinking and the Chinese feeling of living form the basis of our concept to design a special and unique place in the city of Hangzhou. The vital composition of the eight single urban design elements, the spacial composition of the single building volumes and the sustainable energy concept give this residental district a unique presence and creates an archetype for the developing of old industrial areas.

The composition of different building heights (33m, 45m and 60m) generate an fascinating and convincingly new skyline.

The space between the buildings will be used as energy storage for the lofts and will be handed over to the prospective users of buildings.

The facades of the buildings are designed with square cubes which have rounded edges and positioned to create an rippled fascade, with the outer faces of cubes coloured differently. The main facade layer will be covered with aluminium coloured plates in keeping with the industrial history of the site.

Sustainability: During summer the open North-South-axis is designed to prevent heat accumulation and generate a optimal air ventilation along the axis. All units are North-South orientated and naturally ventilated.