Xintiandi Factory

Hangzhou, China

Renovation and reconstruction of an old factory into a high quality hotel and office building in Hangzhou, P.R. China

Site: 8.100 sqm
GFA: 17.900 sqm
Client: Hangzhou New Land Group Co., Ltd
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH, Hangzhou

In an adaptive re-use of an old machine factory in Hangzhou, four factory buildings would be renovated to become part of a new urban core for a new urban district.

The site is the historical Hangzhou Machine factory. The building concept aims to create a harmony of the site’s inherent industrial character with a modern interior aesthetics.

The old Xintiandi factory will be renovated into a high quality building with a combination of functions, including offices, retail, hotel and multi-purpose area.

The most important aspect of our design proposal is to maintain the existing industrial structure and characteristics as much as possible. In order to accomplish the transition of the interior structure, all the new spaces distributed across the four floors are organized along the exterior elevation, while in the central area a capacious space is retained. The length of the space is equal to the existing factory on the horizontal level. In the elevations it extends throughout all the floors. The beautiful steel roof frame structure will be retained and encased in a new glass roof, which will flood the space with natural light and form a connection between the building’s interior and exterior.

The energy of the architecture and its surroundings will flow through the capacious lobby in an undulating way and exert a positive influence on the architecture.

The existing concrete façade and window to the south and north sides will be completely removed. The protruding steel-frame structure extends 1 m beyond the existing skin. The form of the building will conserve the structure of the foundry’s old steel funnel. The regular structure of the steel frame echoes the horizontal and vertical grids of the architecture. Consecutively, the protruding parts of the steel-frame structure on all floors highlight the new connection of the existing brick walls.

These steel frame structures create a double curtain wall façade. The outside layer is constructed of fall-protection glass with air seams, and the inside layer is a flexible sliding door with insulation glass. A two-storey tall outer elevation steel-frame structure and an LED multimedia display screen can be viewed from the roads near the south and north elevations.

The design of this new façade will not only demonstrate the harmony between modern and historical industrial structures, but also establish a unique architectural language that considers both past and present.

(Photos construction site: Zhu Jia)