Berlin Business Park

Berlin, Germany

BBI Business Park at Berlin International Airport

Expert evaluation 1st prize 2007
Size: master plan for construction fields 1 and 2: 16 ha | building construction 130,000 sqm GFA

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To be realized simultaneously with the construction of the new “Berlin Brandenburg International Airport” (BBI) in Berlin-Schönefeld, the 109-hectare “BBI Business Park Berlin”, on the north-eastern side of the airport, will be the largest business park in the capital.

Two significant building zones define the entrance district of the business park. For these zones are envisaged two self-sustaining, contra-punctual urban areas, whose particular qualities are generated by different patterns of density and city atmosphere. Both quarters are placed in the surrounding water-meadow landscape as self-sufficient and identity-giving structures.

The first building zone, the so-called “Business Quarter”, constitutes about 130.000 m2 of offices, hotels, gastronomy, trade and services. This quarter features a flexible pattern of buildings of varying heights and sizes which, in their relation to each other, generate public exterior spaces.

The “Service Quarter”, in the second zone, offers sites for service-oriented uses on its approximately 10 hectares of surface area. This quarter shows a flexible mix of buildings up to three storeys high, with intensive landscaping that can respond to the needs of future users and investors.

The concentration of highly urban use, the encouragement of public access, and a broad services network within the development area make these two quarters a prelude to the whole new business park.

The rigorous architectural composition enables a logically phased development. The concentration and minimisation of paved or built-over exterior areas, leaving considerable terrain of the existing countryside untouched, forms the basis of an ecologically sustainable and resource-friendly realisation.

Client: Berlin Airports (Berliner Flughäfen), Airport Berlin-Schönefeld GmbH
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten