2023Berlinda!Architektur in und aus Berlin 2023– Living Berlin
2019MexicoUtopia: from Fiction to Feasible – Espacio CDMX, Mexico City
2018ChengduG-ROAD – Chengdu Creativity and Design Week
2018BerlinG-ROAD SHOW
2017Berlinda!Architektur in out of Berlin 2017-stilwerk Berlin
2014BeijingPassive House Bruck-10th Expo (GEBC 2014) in Beijing
2013BerlinGreen Health City - High-level Dialogue on implementing Rio
+20 Decisions on Sustainable Cities and Transport in Berlin
2013BoaoBoao Lecheng Health City - Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2013
2013MunichPassive House Bruck- sb13_Munich Sustainability Conference
2013BeijingPassive House Bruck-9th Expo (GEBC 2013) in Beijing
2012Berlinbambooline berlin-Gallery DEN Berlin
2012Berlinda!Architektur in and out of Berlin 2012– stilwerk Berlin
2011New YorkStrategies for Public Occupation-Sotrefront for
Art & Architecture New York
2011Sao Paulomybamboom.net - IX. International Architecture Biennial
2011JapanPeter Ruge Architekten –Project Exhibition in Japan
2010VeniceLa Biennale di Venezia 2010 Giardini, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Venice
2010Munich„Generation drawing board“ Architecture Salon Munich
2009Hamburg„Wild Wild East“ Architecture Salon Hamburg
2009Kiev„Emerging Design Tools Across Generations“
2009Hamburg„Generation drawing board “Architecture Salon Hamburg
2008Frankfurt„Ready for take-off“ DAM - German Architecture Museum Frankfurt
2008KrakowKrakow 2012 - Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego SARP and Market Square Krakow
2007Helsinki„Emerging Identities East!“ Museum of Finnish Architecture Helsinki
2007Sao Paulo„Ready For Take-Off“ VII.International Architecture Biennial Sao Paulo