LTD 1 Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Office building and health centre, Lübeckertordamm, Hamburg

Competition 1st price 2003, Completion 2007
Size: GFA 26,643 sqm

BDA Prize Hamburg 2008, DGNB-Gold Certification 2010

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As part of the revitalization of the St. Georg district in Hamburg, an ensemble of residential buildings and an administrative building has been created on a partial area of the St. Georg Hospital.

The clinic wings were continued by new apartment buildings. They enclose a spacious, noise-protected inner courtyard, which is equally available to the residents and the employees of the office centre.

The office building’s configuration, composed of four boomerang-shaped elements laid over each other, creates a representative entrance situation, an interior courtyard, and a transitional space to the residential courtyard in the rear. As a result of this building form, every office has direct sunlight and an unobstructed view.

The building is designed and constructed as a sustainable, resource-saving house. The structure is compressed and space-optimized. Two interior cores allow flexible use and easy adaptation to future usage requirements. The building materials are ecologically safe with Blue Angel certification. The primary energy demand is minimized by a highly thermally insulated outer shell, natural ventilation (double facade), the use of highly efficient building technology, low-energy heating and concrete core activation as well as an energy-optimized lighting concept.

Client L.T.D. Lübeckertordamm Entwicklungs-GmbH, Munich
Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten
Photos: Jens Willebrand, Klaus Frahm