Kindergarten Yu Hang

Hangzhou, China

New Kindergarden in Hangzhou, China

Completion 2018
Site: 2,750 sqm, GFA: 1,970 sqm

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The kindergarten is part of the new residential area in Yu Hang in the east of Hangzhou, China. 

The three-storey new building is planned for 180 children in 6 groups depending on their age. Each group has a separate cluster consisting its own bedroom, changing/bath and playroom. 

The central area is bounded to the left and right by the stacked volumes of the clusters and to the north by a service volume. This open three-story high space is like a large atrium and natural light can be used through a big glass roof. The three different levels are accessed by two stairs and have space for different activities and can be used as indoor playgrounds for all children. In the separate service volume are rooms for the common kitchen and dining, health care centre and a small administration with a separate staircase. An additional elevator ensures access for handicapped people on all floors.

Outside, this is continued with additional sports and green areas. The otherwise plainly plastered facade plays with different window formats and color fields in the area of the windows.

Client: Hangzhou Jiahe Real Estate GmbH
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH, Hangzhou
Photos: Yan Binfeng