Plastic Market Yuyao

Yuyao, China

Market hall for plastic products in Yuyao,China

Completion 2009
Site 28,500 sqm, Building GFA 140,500 sqm

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The area of Yuyao Plastic City is specialized in the trade and production of plastic parts. These products are required to be exhibited and retailed in the new market hall. Furthermore, the region of Yuyao is home to an exceptionally picturesque mountainous landscape, represented by the “mountain peach“ as the floral emblem of the city.

The design for the new building is based on a dual concept: a flat three-storey building forms a fascinating contrast against a 150m high office tower.

The market hall can be divided into up to 624 stores. The centre is formed by a large hall space that is naturally lit from above and accommodates special function areas such as restaurants, exhibitions and meeting rooms. This ellipse-shaped interior space is greened and has high amenity qualities. The cut-out empty space gives shape to the 150-meter-high office tower. This stands in the public open space, a square that reinforces the tower's entrance areas.

Under each of the buildings, facilities for one or two-storey underground garages provide parking space for approximately 620 cars.

Client: Yuyao China Plastic City Management Committee
Project partner: DBH Stadtplanungs GmbH, Hangzhou